Installing Alveole Studio eclipse plugin


First of all, you will need to have a running Eclipse IDE v3.2+.

Nb: Unfortunately, because of a bug, Alveole Studio Eclipse plugin v0.1.0 does not work properly on Eclipse v3.2. You will need at least Eclipse 3.3. For Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede, you will need plugin version 0.2.3+.

Depending upon which distro you use, you will need to add the following plugins:

  • For eclipse-java-europa-winter (Eclipse 3.3 IDE for Java Developers):
    • WTP / Web Standard Tools WST Project,
    • WTP / J2ee Standard Tools (JST) Project,
    • EMF SDK / Eclipse Modelling Framework Codegen (org.eclipse.emf.codegen)
  • For eclipse-jee-europa-* (Eclipse 3.3 IDE for Java EE Developers): All requirements are already included (just need to install Alveole Studio MVC Web Project).
  • For eclipse-SDK-* (Eclipse Classic 3.3):
    • Web And J2EE Dev / Web Standard Tools (WST)
    • Models And Model Dev / XML Schema Infoset Model XSD (=WST dependency)
    • Graphical Editor And Fwk / Graphical Editing Framework (=WST dependency)
    • Enabling features / Eclipse Modelling Framework (EMF) * (=WST dependency)
    • Enabling features / XSD Schema Infoset Model (=WST dependency)
    • Web And J2EE Dev / J2ee Standard Tools (JST) Project,
    • Models And Model Dev / Eclipe Modelling Framework Runtime (EMF) (=JST dependency)

Installing with update site

This is the simplest way to install this plugin.

Update site URL is

Configuring Alveole Studio MVC Web Project Update Site

Then open your eclipse (with a user having sufficient privileges to update eclipse). Open Help/Software updates/Find and Install...

Opening install dialog.

Then choose "Software updates":

Then click "Add site":

For site URL enter "".

Select Alveole Studio Struts2 Editor Feature.

Perform installation

Then click install.

Eclipse performs a few resolution steps.

Click finish.

Eclipse downloads and install plugin.

Finally, restart eclipse. Congratulations ! You are ready to play with Alveole Studio plugin !

Installing manually

If for any reason you want to install plugin manually, go to sourceforge download page and download archive file "mvcwebproject-0.2.2.jar".

Note that there are two files available for download:

  • mvcwebproject-0.2.2.jar, is the plugin for manual installation - download this ,
  • is the update site archive for automatic installation.

Drop mvcwebproject-0.2.2.jar inside your plugins directory, and start:

  eclipse -clean

This should install the plugin - but not its dependencies - so it may not work. Note that this method does not resolve plugin dependencies. Prefer using the automatic installation mode.

Installing from sources

You can download source code from SVN repository:

svn co mvcwebproject

More information about SVN here .

To compile plugin, you will need Maven 2, and eclipse IDE 3.x:

  • Go to AlveoleWebDesigner sub-project and enter "compile" directory
  • edit and set path to your eclipse home
  • run "mvn install". This produces a mvcwebproject-[version].jar in target directory
  • copy the jar file to your eclipse plugins directory and restart eclipse (with -clean option).