Tutorial on using it


Here is a tutorial on how to user Alveole Studio MVC Web Project to build a struts2 application. It will take a few minutes to build your first web application with MVC Web Project.


The goal of this tutorial is not to learn using struts2, but to learn using it through MVC Web Project. As a result, knowing struts2 is a prerequisite.

In this Hello World tutorial, you will learn how to setup a new project, and how to navigate through nodes in MVC Web Project's graph.

Web Application

This tutorial will guide you through steps to create your first Hello World application. This application will be composed of:

  • a first initialization page, that only display an init message,
  • a Hello World page,
  • a session close page.

    The first page will display a link to the second page, and the second to the third.

    We will not implement Struts 2 actions. They will always return "success".

    In a second step, we will apply some modifications to pass arguments through URLs.