Interface Summary
NodePropertiesView.CompositeCleared This interface may be implemented by any plugin that wishes to be informed when panel is about to be cleared.

Class Summary
Activator The activator class controls the plug-in life cycle.
EditionPlugin A custom edition plugin that fulfills our requirements for the graph.
Executor This class is a helper that enables to create a simple Runnable (called on invokeLater SwingUtilities for example) but that can have generic parameters (stored as an array of Object).
LinkEditor A plugin that can create vertices, undirected edges, and directed edges using mouse gestures.
NodePropertiesView This view part displays view of any selected element.
Plugins This class is a generic tool to get plugins.
ProjectEditor This class is the main editor that displays all tabs for the project.
ProjectEditorInput This class is an EditorInput that embeds data of the project.