Class Summary
BasicLinkManager En: This is a base class for managing links between nodes.
JspGenericViewManager This class is a manager of basic JSP views.
JspToUrlLinkManager Link manager that enables to create generic links from a JSP file, to any URL callable resource.
PackageToAnyLinksManager This class handles package to package links.
StaticFileGenericViewManager This class is a manager of basic static files views.
Struts2ActionActionManager This is the default implementation of action manager: a Struts2 action manager.
Struts2GenericViewManager This class is a manager of struts2 views.
Struts2LinkManager Link manager for struts2 actions.
Struts2PackageExtensionManager This class implements a package extension manager for struts2.
Struts2XsltFileHandler This class specifies where to write XSLT result for Struts2.
XsltManager This document listener enables to apply XSLT templates when document is saved.