Features extensions

You can define and manage new features for your plugins using the extension point com.alveole.studio.features .

Features are defined by a name (and ID), and two wizards to enable features on new projects and on existing projects.

        <!ELEMENT extension (wizards)>
        <!ATTLIST extension
                point CDATA #REQUIRED
                id    CDATA #REQUIRED
                name  CDATA #REQUIRED>
  • point - must contain com.alveole.studio.features
  • id - a required unique identifier of this feature. This ID is used to identify feature.
  • name - an optional name of the feature. This name is used to display feature.

Extension point contains exactly one wizards tag that defines classes for the two wizards.

        <!ELEMENT wizards (#EMPTY)>
        <!ATTLIST wizards
                newprojectclass CDATA #IMPLIED
                addfeaturewizard CDATA #IMPLIED>
  • addfeaturewizard - The class for wizard to add the feature on an existing project.
  • newprojectclass - The class for wizard to add the feature on a new project.