Code organization

Code contains the following packages:

  • com.alveole.interfaces : contains all interfaces that are used in extension points.
  • : contains all the data-model classes.
  • : contains classes of the editor GUI (except graph specific classes).
  • : contains classes for displaying the graph. It contains calls to Jung library.
  • : contains classes to display XML contents of the project file.
  • : contains implementations of specific action, view and links managers.
  • : contains dialogs that are used by managers.
  • : contains specific objects for struts 2. These objects are used in struts 2 NodeAction.
  • : contains classes that implement UrlManager interface for Actions and Views.
  • : contains dialogs that are used by managers. These dialogs are usually displayed in view part of the plugin.
  • : contains GUI tools for plugin.
  • : contains classes of wizards used in plugin.
  • struts2 is not a real package. It contains JAR files for struts 2. These files are copied to WEB-INF/lib directory on web projects.