Panel Managers

Since version 0.2.0, MVC Web Project enables to add new tabs on editor. To add a new tab, first make a class that implements com.alveole.interfaces.PanelExtension.

Then, declare this class in extension point .

        <!ELEMENT extension (panel)+>
        <!ATTLIST extension
                point CDATA #REQUIRED
                id    CDATA #REQUIRED
                name  CDATA #IMPLIED>
  • point - must contain
  • id - an optional unique identifier of this PanelExtension.
  • name - a required name of this tab (will be displayed with other tabs on editor).

Extension point contains one or more panel tag:

        <!ELEMENT panel (requires*)>
        <!ATTLIST panel
                class CDATA #REQUIRED>
  • class - the fully qualified name of the class that implements PanelExtension interface.

panel may contain a list of requires tags that specifies required features.

        <!ELEMENT requires (#EMPTY)>
        <!ATTLIST requires
                feature CDATA #REQUIRED>
  • feature - the name of a feature that is required to be enabled on project, for this plugin to be enabled.

If any of the required features is disabled on project, manager will be skipped.

There is currently one implementation of PanelExtension:

  • Struts2Panel: this extension enables to edit struts2 file model that will be applyed on generating the target struts file.