Link Managers

As explained in architecture links have are implemented by instances of LinkManager interface.

These managers are declared in extension point .

        <!ELEMENT extension (linkmanager)>
        <!ATTLIST extension
                point CDATA #REQUIRED
                id    CDATA #REQUIRED
                name  CDATA #IMPLIED>
  • point - must contain
  • id - a required unique identifier of this LinkManager.
  • name - an optional name of the extension instance

Extension point contains one and exactly one linkmanager tag:

        <!ELEMENT linkmanager (#EMPTY)>
        <!ATTLIST linkmanager
                class CDATA #REQUIRED>
  • class - the fully qualified name of the class that implements LinkManager interface.

You can use this extension point to add new specific link types. There are currently few implementations of LinkManagers:

  • JspToUrlLinkManager: this manager enables to link a JSP to any type of node that can be called by URL.
  • PackageToAnyLinksManager: this manager enables to link a package to any type of node, and vice versa.
  • Struts2LinkManager: this manager enables to link struts2 actions to any view, or to any URL callable node.